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The Fat Brush Art Workshop and The Circle Community Navigation are pleased to announce the third edition of the "Dress Like Frida" with recycled materials contest. This international and multicultural event was created with the intention of promoting, through the artistic expression in a positive family and community interaction, the importance of recycling materials. All of this is under the framework of celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who is globally recognized for her life and art as a symbol of resistance, empowerment, and self-expression.

This contest is aimed at children and adults from diverse cultures interested in learning about stories of struggle and resilience that have crossed borders, fashion design, environmental conservation, and participation in recreational and creative cultural activities.

What do we want to achieve with this contest?

Our purpose is for attendees to engage in an activity where they can meet and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds, developing and sharing their creativity, learning about different reasons that can lead to the creation of a traditional costume like those of these artists, the importance of reusing materials, and having a moment of relaxation that can contribute to reducing the stress of everyday life. All of this is based on the foundation that it is proven that the creative process has a positive impact on the physical, mental, and emotional health of individuals.

With this event, we also want to reflect on how Frida, due to social and practical reasons, made our traditional costumes famous worldwide.

"Kahlo was a nationalist who admired the artisanal traditions and cultural identity of Mexico's regions. She considered the Zapotec women of Tehuantepec as symbols of power and economic independence, and began wearing their traditional Tehuana dress after marrying Diego Rivera in 1929. The floral headdress, long skirt, and decorated blouse or tunic (huipil) of the dress became part of her own style, along with other Mexican indigenous garments such as embroidered blouses, cotton skirts, and fringed shawls.

Kahlo's physical disabilities, including a leg deformed by polio and a back brace, also influenced her style. Her voluminous skirts and headpieces concealed her body and drew attention to her face and shoulders. She also wore several pairs of socks and stockings on her shorter leg. As she became more disabled, her clothing became more elaborate and colorful.

Kahlo used her clothing to construct her identity and express her socialist politics. She took her own suffering and used it to empower her art." [Arizona State Museum]





The participation in the contest is open to all the people living in Washington State, but it’s extended to any place in the world. The contest will be divided into two categories: 6 to 14 years and adults 15 and up.



To create, using materials considered recycled, original costumes and authentic typical accessories like those that Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera once created and depicted in their work.



You can create your design using exclusively reused materials.  We suggest working with: plastic, paper, caps, buttons, newspaper, wraps, and any other material that can be reused for this purpose in a creative way, nothing new.



Participants have until July 3, 2024 at 20:00 hours to register for the contest. They can do it by sending an email to or filling a form in:



  • We will sell a link to the registered participants for the Online Master Class on how to design clothes with reusable materials on video.

  • The local participants in the “Dress like Frida” contest have to show up at Renton Community Center (1715 Maple Valley Hwy, Renton WA) on July 6, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. and contact María G. Casey.​​

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All the participants must arrive with their attire totally finished.  

  • Contestants from places outside Washington State must send a video approximately 1 minute in duration and two photographs showcasing the costume and the process of making it. They will have until July 4, 2024, at 4:00 PM to submit. The video should be sent to the following address:

Juries will evaluate the following criteria:

  • Creativity and authenticity

  • Respecting the contest rules

  • Finishing and detail of the designs with recycled materials

  • Inspiration on Frida’s or Diego’s Artwork



The jury is integrated by:​

  • Diana Camacho, communicologist and entrepreneur, World Latina’s Director

  • Yelitza Medina, All families are Ready’s Director in Connect Casino Road

  • Samantha Carrillo Mastache, MA in Education, MA in Interdisciplinary Arts, MA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, Director of Frida Kahlo Child Care Center

  • Jocelyn Farias, Miss Washington World Latina

  • Brenda Solano, Miss Washington

  • Renee Almatierra, Master of Fine Arts in Indigenous and Decolonial Arts

Based on creativity criteria, the awarded costumes will be selected. Twelve costume designs chosen by the jury will receive prizes, three per each local category (children and adults) and three per each foreign category.



 The following prizes will be given:

Local participants:

6 to 14 years category:

First place:  $100 USD and a dinner voucher $100 USD value from La Casita Cocina Mexicana.

Second place $75 USD and a dinner voucher $100 USD value from La Casita Cocina Mexicana.

Third place: $50 USD and a dinner voucher $100 USD value from La Casita Cocina Mexicana.

15 and up years category:

First place: $400 USD and a dinner voucher $100 USD value from La Casita Cocina Mexicana.

Second place: $150 USD and a dinner voucher $100 USD value from La Casita Cocina Mexicana.

Third place: $125 USD ​ and a dinner voucher $100 USD value from La Casita Cocina Mexicana.

Participants  from outside Washington State (photography and video):

6 to 14 years category:

First place: $55 USD

Second place: $45 USD

Third place: $35 USD

15 and up years category:

First place: $150 USD

Second place: $100 USD

Third place: $75 USD

Saturday July 6, 2024 The jury will select the most authentic costumes and typical accessories and the winners will be announced at the end of the event.  



Doors of Renton Community Center will be opened at 1:00 p.m. All the attendants will be able to enjoy free art workshops inspired in Frida Kalhlo and Diego Rivera (hairbands, painting, photospot). At arrival  participants of the contest have to introduce to Maria G. Casey, Director of The Fat Brush Art Workshop.

The contest will start at 1:30. Dr Julieta Altamirano Crosby and Jaime Mendez will talk about Frida’s Kahlo life. During the event will also take place: a participation of the Washington State University Everett about recycling, a dance performance presented by Karime Carrillo, MA in Dance Arts, a little violin concert performed by Juliana Vargas, the presentation of the queens of the contest World Latina Washington and Mexico 2024, and a brief talk about Frida Kahlo by MA Samantha Carrillo.



A fashion show will be presented the day of the event by all the participants. They will show their clothes and give a brief explanation about how they made them and the materials they used. Subsequently, the videos and photographs of the foreign participants will be presented.



When participating in the “Dress Like Frida” contest with recycled materials, you give permission to The Fat Brush Art Workshop and The Circle Community Navigation to photograph, video record, show your design and name in social media and other media in perpetuity, without previous authorization from you, and without receiving a remuneration.  

The material will not be used for profit.

The jury will select anonymously the winners from the two categories; their decision will be indisputable.

Looking forward to see your outfits!

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