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The Fat Brush Art Workshop is a non-competitive art project where children, adults and persons with special needs enrich their lives by creating and taking home their unique art works.

Using easily found objects and recycled materials, we provide a great opportunity for everyone to have fun learning about artists and techniques, developing and sharing their creativity, and meeting and interacting with people from different backgrounds.

One of our objectives is to promote the understanding of different traditions through art. 

Why The Fat Brush Art Workshop?

Here you will find great artist teaching and creativity direction and all the art materials you need to learn a new skill in a friendly atmosphere.

We are creating new workshops all the time, so please keep checking back!

| Everett, WA USA |

Para participar en el concurso:

To participate in the contest:

Si deseas asistir con tu familia sin concursar regístrate aquí / if you  wish to attend with your family but not participate in the contest register here: THE CIRCLE WA

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